Born into the Royal Family, Baahubali was adopted and raised by Sivagami as her own. Reliable, humble and able, he is ready to be the King of Mahishmati. He values loyalty and bravery to the Kingdom above all else.

The biological son of Sivagami and Bijjaladeva, Bhallaladeva is the first born to the Mahishmati Royal Family. Powerful, authoritative, and calculated, he is a skilled fighter, trained to be King. He seeks absolute power, and sees honesty and righteousness as traits of the weak.

Loyal, and bound to the Royal Family, Kattappa is the Commander-in-Chief of the Mahishmati army. Stoic, wise, and a skilled swordsman, he is knowledgeable in metal casting and war weapons. He is entrusted with training Baahubali and Bhallaladeva to be the future rulers of Mahishmati.

The Queen of the Mahishmati Kingdom, Sivagami is an able and skilled ruler. The mother of Baahubali and Bhallaladeva, she raises both with equal love and opportunities. Her experience and knowledge makes her respected and loved by the Kingdom.

The eldest son of King Vikramadevudu, Bijjaladeva is the heir to the throne of Mahishmati. Power hungry and conniving, he was passed over as King of Mahishmati under the pretense of his physical disability. His resentment and ill will towards his family manifests in the beliefs he instills in his son Bhallaladeva.

The Princess of the Kunthala Kingdom, Devasena was raised to be Queen. Poised, but aloof and arrogant, she is a skilled and experienced administrator.

Raised by adoptive parents, Sivudu grew up in a remote village behind a waterfall to be courteous and respectful. Free spirited and adventurous, he does not like being tied down by rules and restrictions. Tall, muscular, curious, and determined, he makes for a natural warrior.

Exiled from the Kunthala Kingdom, Avantika is raised by a guerrilla war tribe. Brave and determined, she is a skilled but inexperienced warrior. Young and beautiful, she is exceptionally skilled with the bow and knife.

Kalakeya Warlord
The merciless leader of the barbaric tribe, the Kalakeya Warlord is a battle-hardened warrior. Fear inducing and knowledgeable in warfare, he is a strategic fighter. To him, power breeds respect.